Martin Short Accepts the Applause

Dancers perform an excerpt of John Kim Bell's (RJH Award 2023) ballet In the Land of Spirits
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Susan Aglukark and Beverley McLachlin, Deputy Governor General

2023 Gala host Isabelle Racicot welcomes the audience to the National Arts Centre
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Marc Jordan performs with the NAC Orchestra in tribute to John D McKellar

k.d. lang (Popular Music 2023) on the red carpet for the 2023 GGPAA Gala
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Medallions struck by the Royal Canadian Mint. Photo: Sgt. Ronald Duschesne, Rideau Hall


Photo by Felix Yuen

The laureate of the first-ever 2023 RBC Emerging Artist Award is Ralph Escamillan, a Filipino-Canadian performer, choreographer, teacher and queer community leader based in Vancouver, British Columbia. RBC commissioned ceramic artist Paula Murray to create the Award that will be presented to Ralph Escamillan along with a $25,000 prize.   
“Success in the arts is heavily influenced by the wealth, resources, and cultural capital an individual has access to, and receiving this award uplifts the hard work of artists who don’t have that same access,” said Ralph Escamillan. “By paying forward the continued support I’ve received to the communities who pour into me, I hope to remind and empower queer and racialized artists of our value and necessity to the artistic milieu.”  
“RBC is a long-standing supporter of the arts and the important role that it plays in our community,” said Andrea Barrack, Senior Vice President Corporate Citizenship & ESG, RBC. “The National Arts Centre is key to bringing important artistic voices to Canadians. A huge congratulations to Ralph Escamillan as the inaugural recipient of the RBC Emerging Artist award! Your work will continue to build a strong future for the arts.”