“Music has influenced, guided, motivated and enriched my whole life. How could I not want to defend its most legitimate rights and promote creation in all its forms?”

-—Diane Juster

Diane Juster

2024 Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award (Popular Music)

Singer–songwriter, pianist and arts advocate

One of Canada’s most successful music artists, Diane Juster has been captivating audiences with her talent as a singer and pianist for nearly 50 years. She has written hit songs for such leading Canadian and international performers as Céline Dion, Ginette Reno (GGPAA 1999) and Dalida, and has a rich discography of her own. A tireless advocate for the promotion and protection of the work of Canadian artists, she is the co-founder of the Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec (SPACQ).
Ms. Juster was born in 1946 in Montréal. After completing studies in classical piano, she began writing her own songs. She released her first album, Mélancolie, in 1974; her discography now comprises 11 albums. She has also composed music for ballet and film.
She has performed in major concert halls for large and appreciative audiences. However, her stage career was relatively short, as her first love has always been composing for others, notably Quebec superstar Ginette Reno, for whom she wrote “Je ne suis qu’une chanson” (400,000 copies sold; 1980 Félix award for Song of the Year; inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2007).
In 1981, with lyricist Luc Plamondon (GGPAA 1996), she co-founded SPACQ, which represents the moral, economic and professional interests of Francophone songwriters across Canada and commissioned composers in Quebec.
In 1984, SPACQ established the Society for Reproduction Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers in Canada (SODRAC), now part of the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN).
In 2005, she established the SPACQ Foundation to promote, support and honour outstanding Quebec and Canadian songwriters, composers and performers. The Foundation presents more than 16 awards annually, each accompanied by a $10,000 cash prize.
In September 2022, for the first time in nearly 20 years, she appeared live on stage to perform her hit song “Ce matin” during a celebration of the 90th birthday of actor and singer Dominique Michel (GGPAA 1992).
Diane Juster is a Member of the Order of Canada and an Officer of the Ordre national du Québec.