Eric Tessier - Pag

Eric Tessier made his first film at age 14. His work includes documentaries, promotional films, music videos, TV series and feature films. Viens dehors!, his adaptation of a short story by Emmanuel Aquin, won numerous awards including People's Choice at Montreal's Festival Fantasia, and was screened at over 35 international festivals. For television, he has directed episodes of Deux Frères and Sophie (CBC/ABC). His first feature, Sur le seuil (2003), has become the most popular supernatural thriller in the history of Quebec film. He is currently working on his third feature, a psychological thriller titled 5150, rue des Ormes.

Michel Pagliaro

2008 Lifetime Artistic Achievement (Popular Music)

Rock Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Quebec’s first true rock star, Michel Pagliaro is the first Canadian artist to receive gold records in both official languages. In a career spanning over 40 years he has written, performed and recorded a host of enduring pop classics in both French and English, from lush romantic ballads to hard-driving rock ‘n’ roll anthems to gritty blues numbers. He is a key figure in the evolution of pop music in Canada, and his phenomenal talent has influenced an entire generation of artists and audiences.

Michel Pagliaro (or simply “Pag”) was born in Montreal in 1948. He sang and played guitar in several Montreal bands, and recorded his first chart hit in the late 1960s before launching his solo career. Over the next two decades he recorded a string of successful singles, notably his first original French rock hit, “J’ai marché pour une nation” (1969), which remains a rock anthem in Quebec to this day.

His first English album, released in 1971, made him a household name across Canada with such successes as “Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy,” “Some Sing, Some Dance,” and “Rainshowers.” His 1972 French album Pag (featuring “J’entends frapper,” the top-selling 7” single in the history of Quebec music) confirmed his status as the king of Quebec rock—un vrai rocker de chez nous.

The 1970s also saw the release of a double live platinum record with material in English and French, and the hits “Fou de toi,” “Louise,” “Si tu voulais,” “Émeute dans la prison,” “Ti-Bidon, ” “What The Hell I Got,” and “Le temps presse,” followed in the 1980s by, among others, “C’est comme ça que ça roule dans le nord,” “Travailler,” “L’espion,” “Dangereux,” “Hero,” and “Les bombes.”

In all, Michel Pagliaro has recorded and produced over two dozen albums, including several compilations that attest to the lasting popularity and relevance of his music.

His first DVD, Pagliaro Live à Québec (2005), captured a blistering performance of his classic hits. He continues to tour and perform regularly and is working on a new CD.

Awards and honours include the SOCAN National Achievement Award (2002) and two Pop Music Awards (2003, 1999); RPM Gold Leaf Award (1972).