No man is an island, entire of itself.”

-John Donne

Mark Starowicz

2006 Lifetime Artistic Achievement (Screens and Voices (formerly Broadcasting and Film))

In a radio and television career spanning over three decades, journalist and producer Mark Starowicz has transformed the Canadian broadcasting industry and produced some of this country's most influential current affairs and documentary programs. An articulate and outspoken advocate of Canadian culture and identity, he has immeasurably enriched our collective experience and inspired two generations of documentary filmmakers with his vision, ingenuity and dedication.

Born in England to parents of Polish descent, Mr. Starowicz began his career in newspaper journalism and joined the current affairs division of CBC Radio in 1970, where he received particular acclaim for his reworking of As It Happens and his creation of Sunday Morning, a three-hour weekend review. In 1979 he made the shift to CBC Television, where he was the architect and Executive Producer of the hugely successful The Journal (1982–92), a current affairs and documentary program whose hosts included such CBC legends as Barbara Frum, Mary Lou Finlay, Peter Kent and Bill Cameron. Other credits include the popular documentary series The Canadian Experience and The Greatest Canadian, China Rises, The Dawn of the Eye, and The Third Angel.

The ultimate expression of Mr. Starowicz's creativity and passion for Canadian history and culture is his monumental 32-hour documentary series, Canada: A People's History. Airing over two years (2000–01) in both English and French, the series attracted over 14 million viewers (and three Gemini Awards), captured the imagination of Canadians everywhere, and established an enduring and inspiring national legacy. It has been translated into seven languages and is used in thousands of schools across Canada; the companion books became bestsellers.

"There's a persistent idea that Canadians aren't interested in their own stories," says Mr. Starowicz. "I've made a living proving that isn't true."

Mark Starowicz is currently Executive Director of CBC's Documentary Production Unit, where upcoming projects include a bilingual series entitled Hockey: A People's History. He is much in demand internationally as a writer and lecturer on the history and future of broadcast communications.

Awards and honours include Officer of the Order of Canada (2004); Canadian Club Canadian of the Year (2000); Canadian Journalism Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award (2000); seven Gemini Awards; and honorary degrees from six Canadian universities.