Michel Marc Bouchard and Les Deux Mondes

1993 National Arts Centre Award

The theatre company Les deux mondes has created a production which has profoundly touched audiences everywhere. Its story, the gentle tale of the fate of Teeka, a goose, (L'Histoire de L'oie) by playwright Michel Marc Bouchard, explores one of the most obscure but forceful urges of the human soul, the impulse to violence, passed from one generation to another.

Through the deeply imaginative application of all of conventional theatre's many devices, director Daniel Meilleur, set designer Daniel Castonguay, and sound designer Michel Robidoux have created from Bouchard's poetic text a show which triggers deep feelings and thoughts in audiences of all ages.

It is a universal play which recalls painful memories of childhood abuse, in the hope of breaking the regenerative cycle. The magnificent results achieved are a tribute to the creators' unswerving dedication to the innovative exploration of research and creativity.

Originally designed for a local audience, the play has toured extensively, performed by its Québécois cast in French, English, German and Spanish, and has received warm responses in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Mexico, Scotland and Germany.