Mercedes Palomino (1913-2006)

1992 Lifetime Artistic Achievement (Theatre)

Born in Spain and educated in the dramatic arts in Argentina, Mercedes Palomino brought all the passion and determination of her Spanish temperament with her when she came to Montreal in 1947. Within a year she had founded Le Théâtre du Rideau Vert with actress Yvette Brind'amour.

Le Rideau Vert became synonymous with the creation of new and original work in Quebec drama. Madame Palomino was the architect of the repertoire. She was daring and brave in her selections, giving audiences Michel Tremblay's Les Belles-Soeurs, and Antonine Maillet's La Sagouine.

Hers was a theatre supported by the people, operating in its early years with grants. Her work is characterized by her clarity of purpose, commitment, and a profound loyalty that has sustained artists struggling to develop.

Combined with this sensitivity are her great skills as a producer which have ensured the success of many important projects. Throughout her life Madame Palomino has been a vital link in the chain of Quebec theatre.