William Hutt (1920-2007)

1992 Lifetime Artistic Achievement (Stages (formerly Theatre))

A giant of the theatre, William Hutt's commitment has been to Canada, and to speaking the language of great plays with a Canadian sensibility. He has been a working artist for forty-five years, including twenty-nine seasons at the Stratford Festival.

His manner of expression has been both beautiful and political, inspiring a generation of young artists to learn to speak in their own voice. Internationally he has performed as a peer with many of the world's great actors, in films and television as well as on stage, yet he chose to focus on the Canadian scene.

His work has made theatre a vital component of our culture, but he has also championed new plays and travelled throughout the country to perform and teach. His natural diplomatic gifts and authority make him a star on stage and these qualities have equally made him a prominent figure in national life.

Speaking in the Commons on behalf of all Canadians, the Speaker of the House rightly called him "one of Canada's greatest actors."