Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

-—T.S. Eliot

*<em>Robert Lantos: A Meta Narrative, Abridged</em><br /> Jill Sharpe | Writer &amp; Director<br /> Shirley Vercruysse | Producer<br /> Jill Sharpe is an Emmy-nominated visual storyteller who works in diverse media. Her documentaries have been screened at international festivals and broadcast in more than 30 countries. Ms. Sharpe&#39;s solo painting shows have appeared at the Georgia O&#39;Keefe Museum&#39;s Education Annex and at Emily Carr House. In 2011, she made her first foray into directing drama and animation with the acclaimed&nbsp;<em>Bone Wind Fire</em>.

Robert Lantos

2016 Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award (Film)

<strong>Film and television producer</strong><br /> <br /> In a career spanning over four decades, producer Robert&nbsp;Lantos has helped develop many of this country&rsquo;s leading filmmakers. He built Alliance Communications Corporation, Canada&rsquo;s first major production and distribution studio, which later&mdash;with the launch of the Showcase and History networks&mdash;expanded into broadcasting. He produced, invested in and exported to the world films by Denys&nbsp;Arcand, Jean‑Claude&nbsp;Lauzon, Robert&nbsp;Lepage, Atom&nbsp;Egoyan, David&nbsp;Cronenberg, Patricia&nbsp;Rozema and many others.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Robert&nbsp;Lantos was born in Hungary in 1949. He grew up in Uruguay and immigrated to Montréal with his family at the age of 14.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> He has adapted important Canadian literary works for the screen, among them Mordecai&nbsp;Richler&rsquo;s <em>Barney&rsquo;s Version</em> and <em>Joshua Then and Now</em>, Brian&nbsp;Moore&rsquo;s <em>Black Robe</em> and <em>The&nbsp;Statement</em>, Paul&nbsp;Quarrington&rsquo;s <em>Whale Music</em>, George&nbsp;Jonas&rsquo; <em>Vengeance</em>, Anne&nbsp;Michaels&rsquo; <em>Fugitive Pieces</em>, and Stephen&nbsp;Vizinczey&rsquo;s <em>In Praise of Older Women.</em><br /> &nbsp;<br /> His films <em>The&nbsp;Sweet Hereafter</em>, <em>Sunshine</em>, <em>Being Julia</em>, <em>Eastern Promises</em> and <em>Barney&rsquo;s Version</em> were nominated for Golden Globes and/or Academy Awards. With David&nbsp;Cronenberg&rsquo;s <em>Crash</em> and Atom&nbsp;Egoyan&rsquo;s <em>The&nbsp;Sweet Hereafter</em>, he won top prizes at the Cannes film festival. <em>Black Robe</em>, <em>The&nbsp;Sweet Hereafter</em>, <em>Sunshine</em> and <em>Ararat</em> have all won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Motion Picture.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> He is also the architect of many long-running dramatic television series, among them &ldquo;Due&nbsp;South,&rdquo; &ldquo;E.N.G.&rdquo; and &ldquo;Night Heat&rdquo;, all of which won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Dramatic Series.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Robert&nbsp;Lantos is a Member of the Order of Canada and a recipient of the Academy of Canadian Cinema &amp; Television award for Outstanding Contribution to the Business of Filmmaking. He is an inductee in the Canadian Film and Television Hall of Fame and holds an honorary doctorate from McGill University.