Get up in the morning and put on your boots.”

-– Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois
Éric Morin | Director
Hugues Sweeney | Producer

Éric Morin has directed several music videos, shorts that have screened at international festivals, and the feature documentary Mutantès: Dans la tête de Pierre Lapointe (2010). His work in television includes directing for the series Mange ta ville (for which he has received six Gémeaux Awards), La liste and Ils Dansent. He is currently completing the feature Chasse au Godard d’Abbittibbi.

Daniel Lanois

2013 Lifetime Artistic Achievement (Popular Music)

Record producer, songwriter and musician

Hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as “the most important record producer to emerge in the ’80s”, Daniel Lanois has won international acclaim as one of the most distinctive and talented producers of his time. Through his work with such leading artists as U2, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Robertson and Neil Young, among many others, he has made an exceptional contribution to Canada’s music industry and inspired an entire generation of producers and engineers. He is also an award-winning songwriter and musician in his own right, with a dozen successful albums to his credit.

Mr. Lanois was born in Hull (now Gatineau), Quebec in 1951 and grew up near Hamilton, Ontario. He set up his first recording studio at 17 in the basement of the family home. From these modest beginnings he has built a career as one of the most sought-after producers in the world, with studios in Toronto, Los Angeles and Jamaica. He is known for his rigorous production values, passionate commitment to the message in the music, signature atmospheric studio sound, and ability to work closely with musicians to help them achieve their full creative potential. “When people are making records, they need a good friend and curator,” he explains.

He has produced albums by such gifted artists as Brian Eno (his mentor and frequent collaborator), U2 (The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, All That You Can’t Leave Behind), Peter Gabriel (So, Us), Bob Dylan (Oh Mercy, Time Out Of Mind), Robbie Robertson (Robbie Robertson), Neil Young (Le Noise), and many more.

As a solo artist, his discography includes his acclaimed debut album Acadie (1989), For the Beauty of Wynona (1993), Shine (2003), Rockets (2004), Belladonna (2005), Here Is What Is (2007), and Omni (2008). He has also composed for film (Billy Bob Thornton’s Sling Blade and David Lynch’s Dune, among others).

Daniel Lanois has been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (2002), Canada’s Walk of Fame (2005), and the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame (2012). He has won seven GRAMMY Awards (including three for Album of the Year) and five JUNOs, and holds an honorary doctorate from McMaster University. His autobiographical memoir, Soul Mining: A Musical Life, was published in 2010.