Gilles Maheu and CARBONE 14

1992 National Arts Centre Award

This exciting avant-garde company and its founder and artistic director Gilles Maheu continue to explore uncharted territory in the performing arts. Their innovative approach combines text, dance, music, film and architecture.

A performance can be a rock show, a mini-opera, or a mélange of all the arts depending on the work: « Peau, chair et os » emphasizes text and movement, and « Le Café des aveugles » includes dancers, singers, musicians and film projection. Seen first at Toronto's Harbourfront, « Le Café » went on to international acclaim in Seville and Mexico. This production follows the footsteps of the company's earlier success, « Le Dortoir », which has taken on the life of a Broadway hit. A second company continues to tour the show in the United States and Europe, and the television version, first seen on CBC, won the 1991 International Emmy Award for the Best Performing Arts programme.

Gilles Maheu and CARBONE 14 galvanize the performing arts scene both nationally and internationally.