Norman Jewison (1926-2024)

1992 Ramon John Hnatyshyn Award for Voluntarism in the Performing Arts

Norman Jewison has given back to the Canadian artistic scene much more than he found when he started out, with the CBC in 1952. A major contribution has been his role as founder and chairman of the Canadian Film Centre for advanced film studies.

Located in Toronto, this "centre of excellence" attracts candidates from all over the country for intensive, practical courses in producing, screenwriting, and directing, designed to refine and develop their craft.

As a film director, Jewison has already spent three decades as a vibrant force in the motion picture industry, producing a vast body of commercially and artistically successful work. Yet he has chosen to retain the Canadian roots which sustain him.

He gives courage to other Canadian filmmakers through his example and continues to be a moving force, with the Centre, through his activities on the boards of other performing arts organizations and through the Norman and Margaret Jewison Foundation.